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Dear Investor or Business Owner,

In today’s investing world you need to know that the speed of your success is determined by your knowledge and use of finance and structures (like trusts). These are the bedrock of any investment or business. Done correctly they can save you literally hundred of thousands, ignored or done incorrectly can mean the loss of your profits, and may be even your assets. 

Therefore, whatever you do ...
Do not miss out on this information!
Readers of my books have been asking questions for the past 11 years. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t get a request for help. It’s not really possible or practical for me to answer each request, so I decided to convince the finest legal and investing minds to join me for a one-time event to share their expertise. A small group of business owners and investors paid $1,650 to attend. While the event was a tremendous success, my goal was to get it all recorded and make is easily available to you, my readers.

It’s hard to quantify just exactly what this is worth to you. I could say, rather vaguely, that it’s worth the value of your assets. After-all, you will learn how to protect them!

But …

“Why learn about structures and all this legal stuff?” you might be thinking, “And why can't your accountant or the professional just do it for you?” ... Those are fair enough questions, but consider this ... for these professionals to sit down and show just one person everything, well, that would take two days (at $800 per hour or more!) 

When you realise that there are more than 8 different types of trusts, 4 major taxes, plus superannuation and worker compensation, plus new ways to invest in property and structure your business … that's a lot to cover and from my experience, I know it is likely that you can save and make more money in these areas.

Being correctly structured, can save you thousands, here are a few actual client examples:
  • A correctly structured Self-Managed Super Fund saved a client thousands allowing them to purchase a property, get the tax benefits and still have access to the equity!.
  • By structuring a business correctly saved one client over $77,000 and increased their asset protection.
  • How can you buy a new home and keep the old one as an investment and get the maximum tax deductions? (most people do this incorrectly by the way) 
  • How about a client who protected his assets without having to transfer any properties into trusts and saved hundreds of thousands on stamp duty and capital gains tax… 
Membership Levels
Free Access
Get free access to all of the downloads promised in these books.
Property Investors Member
Get lifetime access to all 4 Modules coverings property investor investors.
or 3 easy payments of $69
Advanced Strategies Member
Get lifetime access to all 5 Modules covering tax, trusts and asset protection.
or 3 easy payments of $99
Full Lifetime Member
Get lifetime access to all 9 Modules covering property, tax, trusts and asset protection.
or 3 easy payments of $135
I respect that there may be some reservation on your part that this information is not as good as I say it is or that you might have heard it all before. That's understandable, which is why I guarantee it will be worth your time and money. Take 30 days to review the information and if it isn't what you expected, I will gladly arrange a full refund. 
And the list goes on. The fact is, there are dozens of techniques and each one has the potential of saving you thousands.

But let's cut to the chase ... what is included in the Lifetime Membership?
Got a questions? 
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You'll hear from high-end tax lawyers, property developersinvestors and accountants
And this is what is covered …
  • How to use trusts - The 8 different types of trusts, how they work, when to use them and when to avoid them.
  • How can you use your super money? - Set up your own Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) so that you control the money and purchase property, shares and more (and how to borrow when doing so). Discover the added benefits of a SMSF when it comes to retirement. 
  • When to use a company structure - Who should own a company structure? Who should be a director and who should avoid it? 
  • How to maximize your tax deduction when financing - The secret to applying for loans when using a trust structure. How to get finance approved when the banks say 'no'. How to best structure your finances for asset protection, including who should apply and who should pay for the loan. 
  • How to earn $200,000 tax free - have you ever asked your accountant, "Can I claim this?" Well in this one module you'll be taken through an example of using every possible legal tax deduction (available to every business owner and investor) and how this generated $200,000 worth of tax deductions.
  • How to best protect your assets - The different kinds of trusts that are best suited to asset protection. How to protect assets that are in your own name (including your principal place of residence) without having to transfer them into a trust, saving on capital gains tax and stamp duty. The pitfalls of asset protection and how to avoid them. 
  • What about your children? How to pass your assets on to your children, tax free, and how to protect your assets from marriage breakdown. 
  • How to maximise your property returns - See which name is the best to use when buying and how to do it when using a trust. How to claim all related expenses and save thousands. Discover what over 80% of property investors fail to claim. How to maximise your non-cash deductions (deductions that entitle you to a tax deduction without having to spend the money!) 
  • How to buy property with no money down - The concept is simple, but how do you actually do it? You see first hand how this is done. And you can download example legal documents too!
  • How to buy a property without using a bank! Yes, that's right, no need to use a bank and this will become more and more popular over the next decade!
  • How is land tax affected by the use of trusts? - Different trusts have different rules in different states! We'll cover all them during the weekend (this alone can save up to $5,600 per year depending on which state you are buying in!)
  • Avoid paying Stamp Duty! You’ll learn how to buy a property and not have to pay the stamp duty - this one section alone is worth the investment!
  • How to maximise your share returns - What you can and cannot claim and how to structure your trading for asset protection and tax. 
  • Ever wanted to invest secretly? How to keep your investor identity hidden, how to get others to do your buying, yet still control the asset. 
  • Can you survive an audit? - Discover how the audit process works, all about audit insurance and when you should use it. Why you shouldn't be worried about the audit process. 
Not 'Get-Rich-Quick’  
And just for the record, this is not get-rich-quick information; nor is it based on made-up, theoretical techniques never before tried or tested. And you won't hear of any offshore scams or dodgy tax investment schemes either. 

No ... What you will hear during this weekend is the cumulation of over 30 years of investing, tax and accounting experience (and it's over 90 years of combined experience). This will be unlike any other event you have ever been to. No hype, just simple, easy to understand, workable methods that have been proven and that are used.
Your Guarantee 
I respect that there may be some reservation on your part that this information is not as good as I say it is or that you might have heard it all before. That's understandable, which is why I guarantee it will be worth your time and money. Take 30 days to review the information and if it isn't what you expected, I will gladly arrange a full refund. 
Who Should Join?
Membership is for anyone who wants their long working hours to pay off sooner rather than later. It's a way to greater financial freedom and I believe that it has never before been made so accessible and understandable. 

It is most suited to: Investors (property & share traders), Business Owners and those planning to start investing in the near future. 

Don't miss this opportunity to find out how you can move to greater financial freedom.
Choose Your Topic or Get the Lot
These are the two Membership Levels with a total of 9 modules. You can choose the best one that fits you, or get the lot in the Full Lifetime Membership
Property Investor 
Total Value  $288
  • Wealth for Life Through Property Investing - Discover how to use your equity and accumulate property. Value $97
  • Property Cash Flow Strategies - Buying with no money down, changing a negatively geared property into a positive cash flow. All is covered in this module. Value $97
  • Depreciation - This can be a cash cow for investors, it can often make the difference between affording and not affording your next property. Learn how to do it right and make sure your accountant does too. Value $47
  • SMSF Strategies - Your super can be a great source of fund to build your portfolio for the long-term. Tern this "forced saving plan" into real wealth for your retirement. Value $47
Advanced Strategies Membership
Total Value  $385
  • Trust & Tax Basics - The foundations of how the system works. Value $97
  • $200K Tax Free - A walk through example of the legal tax deductions you can claim as an investor and business owner. Value $97
  • Asset Protection - Learn the different techniques of protecting your assets both personal and business, and ensuring they stay in the family for the generations to come. Value $97
  • Limited Partnerships - The most flexible structure available and how it works. Value $47
  • Surviving An Audit - When you understand the rules and the process you can ensure you remain legal and compliant, while taking full advantage of the laws. Value $47
Take a Look Inside the 
Member's Only Area

Here's a sneak peak. 

Each video is broken up into easy to view chapters. 

You can watch it straight through or skip to the parts you want.

To help you grasp the information, all drawings and slides were captured and the videos professionally edited.

It's just like the live event, only better (you get to pause!) ☺︎

The complete transcript ensures you can follow what was said so you don't miss a thing. 

You can download materials with a simple click. 

If you get stuck, you can always ask for help. 
So … do you think you would be shown techniques that will save you at least the joining fee, each and every year? The answer is a no-brainer, therefore, take this opportunity and join now, I look forward to hearing your feedback. 

Wishing you success,
Besting Selling Author
Here's what some of the delegates said after the event
I had no idea how I can get the cash flow from my properties to maintain my 3 digit income if I'd retired today. [You] taught me clearly how to do that and what is best even increase my Cash flow further. Just simply great information easy to understand and to apply. A great boost to my financial education as an Investor. 
Thanks a ton ... 
— Franz
It made a big difference to my understanding of what we covered in Trusts, Property, Business Structures to Start with the basics. Even if some of that I knew I found it is still of a lot of benefit, because it got the group on the same page and more comfortable with asking questions with the result of getting more out of the day = higher understanding.
— Rowan
Great … SMSFs, Depreciation and Use of corporate trusts to get funds out of a company followed by trust for kids! Just an absolutely great day. Just proves that I don't know what I don't know. Many Thanks.
— Paul
Wow! ... In no order of eureka moments:-
The "beneficial owner" is entitled to claim depreciation on investment properties and back - claim. As controllers (but not on title of our properties) - beautiful! Trusts - What a great way to sort out any family squabbles/disputes after our departure. Brain too full at the moment for more gems to come to surface :)
— Karen
As always very good content, Great Speakers with their knowledge in Trusts, Accounting and General Investing. Keep it coming ...
— Rob
Broadened my understanding a great deal with 
examples and easy terminology. Didn't think that all this could be so much fun :) Lots to revise with our investments, but feel that I can do it.
— Burgit
I was quite unaware of how trusts worked and the benefits that they bring before. Protecting your assets is vital to setting up your children for the future which is high in my priority list. I have been running my business for 6-7 years with little or no protection, I also have no way of utilising the revenue the business earns to invest ... until now.
— Brett
1. Presentation well Planned & Informative
2. Good Question & Answer Sessions for the different speakers.
3. Review of the sessions at all times - Interactive by audience
4. 'Audio-Visual' Presentation Extremely Good.
5. Overall - Very Good Value For Money !
— Mike
The big lesson for me was understanding & establishing the appropriate trust structures for Asset Protection and Estate Planning. Purposes from an accounting and legal point of view. A most rewarding day and one more day to go.
— Lionel
An eye opener with regard to minimising tax legally. It was made clear that you need to do the research and persist. Understand what you do - [this] is a good way to learn what you need to know - No Jargon! Protect your assets and pay lowest possible tax - Tony shows you how - Even a Layman can understand it. Great fun to learn too.
— Franz
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Over the past 2 decades he has lectured to thousands throughout Australia, Asia and the USA.

Tony's business interests have extended across several industries including accounting, private equity, recruitment and commercial refrigeration with operations in Australia, Hong Kong, China and the USA. 

Today Tony spends his time as a full time investor and writer with a focus on family and fun.

He resides between Australia and the USA.

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