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Property Investor Membership
  • Wealth for Life Through Property Investing - Discover how to use your equity and accumulate property. 
  • Property Cash Flow Strategies - Buying with no money down, changing a negatively geared property into a positive cash flow. All is covered in this module. 
  • Depreciation - This can be a cash cow for investors, it can often make the difference between affording and not affording your next property. Learn how to do it right and make sure your accountant does too. 
  • SMSF Strategies - Your super can be a great source of fund to build your portfolio for the long-term. Tern this "forced saving plan" into real wealth for your retirement. 
Advanced Strategies Membership
  • Trust & Tax Basics - The foundations of how the system works.
  • $200K Tax Free - A walk through example of the legal tax deductions you can claim as an investor and business owner. 
  • Asset Protection - Learn the different techniques of protecting your assets both personal and business, and ensuring they stay in the family for the generations to come. 
  • Limited Partnerships - The most flexible structure available and how it works. 
  • Surviving An Audit - When you understand the rules and the process you can ensure you remain legal and compliant, while taking full advantage of the laws. 
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