"Why can't you buy these books in the bookstores?"

You can get the above books via Amazon but ... I want to make you a better offer and tell you a quick story.

You see, when I first wrote the above books I self-published them.

Due to the success of the books I was approached by a reputable publisher. I turned down their offer several times but eventually conceded. I assumed they would do a better job at it than me.

Boy was I WRONG!

Subsequently book sales plummeted and the books are now hard to find although still in demand.

At the time I had other business ventures consuming my attention so I didn't do anything about it until now.

The material in the books has been updated and recorded in a 2 day workshop I did with my colleagues.

You can access this updated material below, instantly, for $29 each or you can join the Wealthline Club get a whole lot more for only $29 per month.

Or, you can buy the old books from Amazon here.

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"I had no idea how I can get the cash flow from my properties to maintain my 3 digit income if I'd retired today. [You] taught me clearly how to do that and what is best even increase my Cash flow further. Just simply great information easy to understand and to apply. A great boost to my financial education as an Investor. 
Thanks a ton ... " 

- Franz

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"Broadened my understanding a great deal with
examples and easy terminology. Didn't think that all this could be so much fun :) Lots to revise with our investments, but feel that I can do it."

- Burgit

"Great … SMSFs, Depreciation and Use of corporate trusts to get funds out of a company followed by trust for kids! Just an absolutely great day. Just proves that I don't know what I don't know. Many Thanks."

- Paul

Unlock the power of your Superannuation with these effective strategies that allow you to borrow money using your super money

  1. The ideal Self-Managed Super Fund setup
  2. How to purchase property using a SMSF
  3. How to purchase commercial or industrial property
  4. How to team up with business partners or friend and invest your Super money
  5. How to borrow with using a warrant


Nothing was missed with all presentation slides and drawings captured through the whole 2 days. Includes 6 Videos & transcripts.

Includes Free Downloads
SMSF Setup Checklist
Example Investment Strategy

I've recently completed a new book on this subject which provides more options and information for the investor and business owner, including:

  1. Protect assets that have been accumulated in your personal name. 
  2. Ensure that your wealth is passed securely to your descendants and is not diluted by in-laws who marry into the family.
  3. Ensure your wealth is controlled (even after you have passed away) according to your wishes, so that it is not squandered by irresponsible, extravagant heirs.
  4. Place assets into a Trust that will not end in 80 years, but one that continues forever.
  5. Ensure that once all structures, wills and protections are in place, they are updated and remain compliant with any changes in the law and in your personal circumstances.

eBook (PDF or Kindle Version)

Includes Free Download 
Wealth & Prosperity Roadmap - this is a companion to this book and outlines the ideal solutions for the different levels of investing and business activities.

Legally Reduce Your Tax

Buy Property with Your Super

Wealthline for Life

In these 12 videos discover how to build a property portfolio and live off the equity with videos covering:

  1. How to accumulate more property without spending any money.
  2. How to use your equity to fund your lifestyle - tax free.
  3. How to ensure you invest with safety.
  4. Managing your debt to your advantage.
  5. How the banks really work.


Nothing was missed with all presentation slides and drawings captured through the whole 2 days. Includes 12 Videos & transcripts. 

Includes Free Download 
Wealthline Property Equity Calculator